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terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011


Ae galera, vamos protestar.......... palhaçada aqui no interior NÃO !

Independente da pista ser intitulada como pista de SKATE, é uma pista para esportes radicais não convencionais, seja skate, patins, bicicleta, patinete, etc!
Todos tem que unirem suas forças e fazer este movimento pegar. Afinal, a união faz o açucar a força.

Valeu Kaio tchitchetchonge pelo alo do movimento. Kaique LENDA folclórica apareça por lá.

Outro link também:

Comentem abaixo quem vai ;)

domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Rollerblading & Music: Oli Benet, Dominic Sagona (Ble3k) & Colin Kelso (Mahoney Beloney)

Oli Benet: DJ Mixes

I am 28, and have been rollerblading for around 20 years now. I can’t stop, allthough sometimes my body asks me to.

I Dj in Spain and around Europe, mostly drum and bass and dubstep.

I’m learning to shoot photos, and also getting into acting, with a few jobs under my belt so far. I work for a group of inline companies under The Conference.

(upload the music sound here:

•Oli Benet: The Bootleg Set (Vol 1 & 2) Download.

• / Djmixes.

•More Oli Benet Media on Rollernews.

Dominic Sagona (Ble3k): Drum and Bass & Mixes

What’s it like to play in front of a big crowd at a club, feel the peoples energy and see how they react to what you are doing?

It’s really unlike anything else that I do or have done before. I think to just zen out and be yourself, to just do what you do, to do it properly in front of people who are reacting in such an enthusiastic and positive way is one of the greatest feelings. [...]

Is this feeling in any way comparable to skating in front of a crowd or to just skating in general? With the adrenalin rush you get when lacing a difficult trick or during the summit of a good session maybe?

Yes, this feeling is almost the same, I think. To get an instant response from other people to what you are doing at that exact moment. I think many of the big contest skaters probably know this feeling more than most of us, and some of them feed off of it, as do DJ’s feed off the crowd.

But for me I do not like skating in front of anyone anymore, only a small group of friends who are a part of the session. I get anxiety before I play at a gig, but it’s usually gone by the time I start to catch a groove. [...]

Dominic Sagona (Ble3k) Music Interview by Christoph Bottcher.

(upload the music sound here:


•Dominic Sagona: Rehabcn Edit by Richie Eisler.

•More Dominic Sagona Media.

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Daniel by Gu pardal - Grandes !

Belo video... bela introdução! A bagaça ta ficando pró já eim... Parabéns !